Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I've Practiced Looking for Things

 I've Practiced Looking For Things

One night
I crept outside into the void
and peered intently through a telescope
years of practice
to see the glimmer of Stephan's Quintet
The family of galaxies at the beginning of  It's a Wonderful Life
who decide George Bailey's fate

I'm not sure if I saw them, or just the flicker of something holy in the infinite.

Today I sat beside the dying man
And waited, just the three of us
the Grim Reaper in an empty rocking chair, respectfully on the other side of the bed
both of us quiet and patient, watching him

His gasping mouth so dry
and suddenly
the same galactic flash across his face
a holy mystery

I squeezed his hand and told what might be a lie
and said I'd see him tomorrow.  

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di in ar said...

Oh Josh...this is so beautifully written...it touches my heart