Thursday, September 6, 2012

#JURT eve

Hey hey!

  It's the eve of the tour, and I could not be more excited.  Big things are going on - the tour got a tweet by ReverbNation to over 100,000 followers today.  That made my eyes get big!

Check THIS - My brother made a video for the tour.  It's EPIC.  Share it with your friends if you're going on tour with the #JURT!  Special thanks to Noah at for his artistic wizardry.

People are joining in all across the world.  It was tomorrow in Japan earlier this afternoon, and one of my buddies of many years got the distinction of the kick off post with a photo of a high-tech train in Japan.  He posted it on Instagram with the caption Future #JURT tour?  

Another friend is releasing a song tomorrow in conjunction with the tour.  Two DJ buddies are putting promos on the air as well.

I'd better try to get some sleep.

See ya on tour!

- Josh