Monday, September 1, 2014

10 Years After


  Happy Labor Day, stateside readers, and happy September 1st, world!

Man oh man, things have been rockin' over here.  Just wrapped up another rail tour (more on that soon), got a clinic at Sam Ash Music in a few weeks, but the main thing is...I'm a bit nostalgic today.

  It's been TEN YEARS (!) since I started teaching guitar.  Now, Ten Years After (pardon the pun - that was the first band I learned to play along with!), I'm sitting here reflecting on what a journey it's been.  Sure, sure, lots of stuff happened for me, but the main thing is...I got to hang out with YOU comrades.

  And what a journey it has been!   The very first lesson was terrifying.  Andy knew everything that I did.  I mean, exactly everything.  What was scary ten years ago turned out to be great a few weeks ago when I saw him while touring through Philadelphia.  He came out to jam, and man, was that fun!

  As I sit here listening to some old big band records, I'm pondering just how thankful I am to have spent ten years with you folks playing guitar.  There's of course the gratitude for the financial and practical aspects of survival and all that stuff, but much more than that, the thankfulness is for the laughs, learning, and really cool guitar we've got to play together.  While I always strive to be a good influence for my younger comrades, it dawned on me that the influence goes both ways, and if I'm having a lousy day, I'm always in a better frame of mind after a round of lessons.  Be it a talk about music theory, life, or getting pranked, it's quite a privilege to get to sit in my chair and spend time playing and learning guitar with you folks.  Some folks just come through for a few sessions, and it's fun getting to know them a bit.  Others stay for years, sometimes from quite an early age, and I've been fortunate to see you grow into fine young men and women.  I guess you've seen me grow up a bit, too.  I feel that teaching has given me so much, and has allowed me to build a life filled with zany rock 'n roll.

  Thank you for such an awesome ten years.   I will always treasure them.

  I'd like to celebrate with everyone in a fitting manner, SO:  I'm going to throw a big party/jam session celebrating ten years of the Guitarmy!  Details TBA (gotta figure them out), but you're invited!  Stay tuned (and stand by for party details), and let's get ready to jam!

  In closing, once again...thank you!  


We are the champions, my friends!  

It's been an honor!

- Josh