Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Tour! New Tour!


  It's time for another rail tour!  It's time to make another music video together!  HERE'S THE PRESS RELEASE!

For  Immediate Release
Join the Dance Party!
Despair, USA -  It’s a funny time for a message of unity.  A peculiar time to talk about song and dance when it feels like the sky is falling.  But that could also make it exactly right. Maybe with a little laughter, we summon courage to take our power back.  Maybe by playing the blues, we lose the blues.  

 Meet musician Josh Urban.  He plays a home-built broom guitar and DJs on the street.  Spoofing the red-hot political season, the seemingly-endless stream of bad news, and sharp polarization between communities, he urges you to join the dance party.  Traveling by train along the east coast, he’ll be bringing a mix of rock and dance music to the street corner, subway, hospital waiting room, and traditional venue while engaging a worldwide audience through livestreaming and social media.  The idea:  make a music video with the world dancing away our fears and division.  

 Running September 9th through the 25th, The Dance Party tour is an interactive experience designed to bring some levity into the world, because sometimes the serious problems need a lighter contrast to remind us of our humanity.  

Get in the video!  

Ready to make a music video? Record yourself dancing (preferably to the official tour song), and tag it to #JURT on social media.  To really fit the theme, people are writing a fear on a piece of paper (be it terrorism or a mean dog), dancing with it, then crumpling the paper and throwing it out of view with triumphant gusto.  Send your video to josh@joshurban.com and it’ll be mixed into the official tour video at the conclusion. (By the way, Josh is a terrible dancer, so don’t feel pressure!) Let’s make a stand - let’s dance!  

Tour Dates

9/9 and 9/10 New York, New York
9/11 Philadelphia, PA
9/16 Charlottesville, VA
9/17 Charlotte, NC
9/18 Richmond, VA
9/23 Baltimore, MD
9/24 Alexandria, VA
9/25 Washington, DC

 Josh Urban 240-682-2801 josh@joshurban.com Twitter: @DontJoshMe Instagram: @JoshUrban www.JoshUrban.com/DanceParty