Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Fabric of the World - Part II of the #JURT


I hope the Revolution's been treating you well! Here's the second installment of the guest blog posts I'm writing for Positive Impact Magazine - it's the stories from the rails on The Search for Good Tour. Thanks for being part of it - I hope you enjoy the writings!

New York City

The train hurried northward on the steel rails, racing the clouds above as they scudded across a leaden sky. My guitar was wedged in the luggage rack next to the gigantic suitcase, ready to play the tour of hospitals, cancer centers, street corners, and other places that didn’t reverberate with the sound of music as often as they might like.

Deciding that kindness was something worth spotlighting, I had booked a tour to find the Good in the world, and I had invited everyone to join me in the search. The idea was simple: see something good – post it on social media using the hashtag #JURT (Josh Urban Rail Tour.) Instead of the usual slaughter that greets us whenever there’s anything news related, the concept was to change the narrative, and, using the power of social media, literally everyone could “join” the tour in an interactive fashion. After all, it seems that we find what we’re looking for.

The train rattled and creaked, flying by 1930′s infrastructure and endless mediocrity, with the occasional billboard sporting a huge photo of Steve Harvey or Oprah Winfrey, seemingly trying to dazzle away the gray with their megawatt smiles.