Thursday, May 8, 2014


  I hope things have been rockin' along for you!  I've been drinking coffee, and have a few minutes before Zumba class, so here's a few quick items before I run off and make a fool of myself.

New Video!

Just recorded a new video in my guitar teaching studio.  Most things that I put online are either really rehearsed, or totally silly.  I realized lately that...."COOL STORY, BRO!" everyone might interject now, because yeah, who cares.

Here's me playing Catfish Blues:

Tour Dates

Slight adjustment with the 2014 Josh Urban Rail Tour - it'll be kicking off on August 1st (not July 4th.)  More time to get the word out, and make it a smashing success for all of us!


Island Music in La Plata, MD, has signed on as the official guitar shop of the tour!  Since it's a worldwide jam...this means that they're the OFFICIAL GUITAR SHOP OF THE WORLD!

Check 'em out and say hello at

Thanks, comrades!  So excited!

On the Turntable

Comrade Jan B. gave me a zillion 45's.  They're so awesome, and so is she.  Some of my favorites are the ones by The Supremes.  OMG I'm so in love!  Check out this sound!  And these outfits!

Speaking of 45's...

I have a record clock my Uncle Mike made out of an old Motown 45.  It's Willie Hutch's Don't Let Nobody Tell You How To Do Your Thing or something.  When I'm at the gym, I see the talent shows on TV.  There's tremendously talented people, standing in front of a panel of smug "industry insiders" who somehow know more about art than they do.  Since art is subjective, I find this absurd, but yet, I do would care too much about what they would have to say.

I also realize that this makes for good TV, but there seems to be a mentality that we need permission or approval to move forward with our art.  Placing power outside of ourselves can only lead to defeat.

I had the honor of speaking at a local 8th grade career day.  My message to the students was "start today!"

And that's my message for you today.  Start today.  It's time.  After all, the Motown clock in my studio, speaking both about time and attitude,  says it all.

Don't let nobody tell you how to do your thing.  

And especially other musicians.  


Oh, speaking of to Zumba!

Hey!  Hey!  Hey ladies....

- Josh