Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Tony


Boy oh boy, I'd say I'm the luckiest guy in the world. However, one of my clients has already claimed that distinction, so I'll settle for second.

Does anyone remember the blog I wrote called Paint the White House Black ?
I featured a video of a band called Trouble Funk - a band who pioneered the DC music phenomenon called Go Go - and are still going strong today!

I'm a fan of these guys. They're pretty darn cool!

So, I got a new client the other day. She's pretty cool. I asked her what kinda music she wanted to learn. "Rock and Funk." I went on a ramble about how I love those two types of music, and I've played in a go go band, yadda yadda yadda.

She said "Oh, you like Trouble Funk?" YeAh, I said. "My Dad's the bass player for 'em. You know, Big Tony!"

I almost fell off my chair. She got him on the phone for me. "Hi, err...Tony!" I said.

She told me she would ask him by.

So he stopped by my studio the other day, and tried out a bass. We jammed on "Don't Touch That Stereo." It made my day.

It was way cool! Thanks, Amoni and Tony! (Geeze, I'm sorry I cut you out of the picture, Amoni!)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Making of an EP - Breakfast or Else..!

Hey hey!

OK, so what's the deal with the EP I'm supposed to be recording? Namely, where is it? Well, it's still floating around in the air somewhere. I'm workin' on the writing.

But yesterday, I ran out of oatmeal. So, I went to the store. It struck me that I'm acting like a classic Urban, and dragging my feet wayyy too much. I also decided that the music I'm writing doesn't fit my personality. This first came to my attention when I told a client that the music I write is mellow. He just laughed in my face. That highlighted the disconnect between Diamond-Dave people interactions and Debbie Downer lyrics.

And I was still out breakfast.

So I got my oatmeal (gotta have that stuff), and decided to write something fun. The first thought was about how people wait their lives away.

"Wait a second!" I said to myself. "THAT'S not fun!"

So I wrote about how I need my breakfast, or I go bonkers. It's still presented in a semi-serious acoustic blues format, but it's partly a joke, too. It's mainly a joke because I recorded it in four takes, and with one mic. I usually do ten million takes, and spend days getting my sound. But hey man, I gotta start posting songs sometime!

I'm using an old Harmony acoustic guitar that a buddy just gave me. It's falling apart, and the strings are about three feet above the fretboard. But it's great for slide guitar!

Check it out! Listen to "Breakfast or Else" on my myspace page.

Rock on!

- Josh

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My first stadium gig


Wow oh wow! What a weekend! Friday I played my first stadium gig. Saturday I weedwhacked using a premium Husqvarna weed eater that my brothers gave me. Sunday I had the first of many ribbon cutting ceremonies on a piece of property I bought. (Commonly known as a house.)

But the stadium! OK, OK, I wasn't headlining or anything. It wasn't even a rock show. But it was for a darn good cause. I got to play two songs for a Relay for Life event in a minor league ball park. (Technically professional league.) It was sooo much fun. There were an estimated two to three thousand people there, most of 'em walkin' around celebrating their survival. And so was I.

Nonetheless, I DID get to step up to the mic, say "What's up, Waldorf?! Are you ready to ROCK?!" And congratulate 'em on a job well done.

Lesson learned. It's way more fun to play in front of a stadium than a dive bar. So keep on practicing, good people! It's highly worth it. And I was basically background music. It was still a blast! I can't wait to headline a show! You know - the chanting of "Josh Josh Josh Josh!"
I had so much fun. Thanks to Ashley and Amy for making it possible! AND of course to Jason and Charlie, two dedicated clients doubling as roadies!

Here's a picture from my soundcheck:

Rock ON!

- Josh

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No room for that

Readers! Rockers! Followers!

Hey, have you been over to my twitter page, and added me to your list?


I'm gonna let my imagination get the best of me. Don't miss it!

And speaking of letting imaginations get the best of you...That brings us to today's topic: Victims. Not ones of war, fraud, or violence.

Ones of their own making. Ones who embrace weakness as a way of life. I come from a line of 'em. My family reunion should be a refugee camp, there's so many sorry bleeding heart weaklings in it. "Oh, I'm hurt." Baloney.

And that has really put a bee in my bonnet. The world is filled with musicians, and people, who refuse to take responsibility for their circumstances. And today, I put my foot down, and refuse to continue that legacy.

Regardless of who's fault it is that you don't have a record deal - find a way to get one!

No matter if you can't sing - learn! (Talkin' to myself, there.)

Playing too slow? www.metronomeonline.com is open 24/7

We're all here for you, man. But you gotta be here, too.

So - quit waffling! Make it happen!

Rock on!

- Josh

Tuesday, June 2, 2009



I've finally cracked - I'm on Twitter.

"And he said, I am the Josh, and I am crazy. Follow me."


AND - let's be friends on facebook and myspace while we're at it!

Josh Urban on facebook, and www.myspace.com/thefrontsteps

See ya there!


Monday, June 1, 2009

The Question of the Day!


Greetings. I hope you had a great weekend. I did. I went to Susquehanna State Park. (I cannot believe I spelled that right.)

I saw a river, some woods, some friends, and a working mill. You know, with the big ol' waterwheel and grindstone. It was COOL!

So, this leads us to the question of the day. How do you capture a mill in song? That is, not in country or bluegrass ballads about the mill.

My two awesome brothers and very cool mother are photographers. Notice "mother" is singular, not plural, although I'm not close minded when it comes to that. Ha ha!

They can capture the mill through a lens and a cmos chip. But what about me? Will I ever be able to write a hit song about how cool the mill was? Or will I be stuck in the land of progressive instrumentals or country tales?

Help a mill brotha out!

Rock on!

- Josh