Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My first stadium gig


Wow oh wow! What a weekend! Friday I played my first stadium gig. Saturday I weedwhacked using a premium Husqvarna weed eater that my brothers gave me. Sunday I had the first of many ribbon cutting ceremonies on a piece of property I bought. (Commonly known as a house.)

But the stadium! OK, OK, I wasn't headlining or anything. It wasn't even a rock show. But it was for a darn good cause. I got to play two songs for a Relay for Life event in a minor league ball park. (Technically professional league.) It was sooo much fun. There were an estimated two to three thousand people there, most of 'em walkin' around celebrating their survival. And so was I.

Nonetheless, I DID get to step up to the mic, say "What's up, Waldorf?! Are you ready to ROCK?!" And congratulate 'em on a job well done.

Lesson learned. It's way more fun to play in front of a stadium than a dive bar. So keep on practicing, good people! It's highly worth it. And I was basically background music. It was still a blast! I can't wait to headline a show! You know - the chanting of "Josh Josh Josh Josh!"
I had so much fun. Thanks to Ashley and Amy for making it possible! AND of course to Jason and Charlie, two dedicated clients doubling as roadies!

Here's a picture from my soundcheck:

Rock ON!

- Josh

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