Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Making of an EP - Breakfast or Else..!

Hey hey!

OK, so what's the deal with the EP I'm supposed to be recording? Namely, where is it? Well, it's still floating around in the air somewhere. I'm workin' on the writing.

But yesterday, I ran out of oatmeal. So, I went to the store. It struck me that I'm acting like a classic Urban, and dragging my feet wayyy too much. I also decided that the music I'm writing doesn't fit my personality. This first came to my attention when I told a client that the music I write is mellow. He just laughed in my face. That highlighted the disconnect between Diamond-Dave people interactions and Debbie Downer lyrics.

And I was still out breakfast.

So I got my oatmeal (gotta have that stuff), and decided to write something fun. The first thought was about how people wait their lives away.

"Wait a second!" I said to myself. "THAT'S not fun!"

So I wrote about how I need my breakfast, or I go bonkers. It's still presented in a semi-serious acoustic blues format, but it's partly a joke, too. It's mainly a joke because I recorded it in four takes, and with one mic. I usually do ten million takes, and spend days getting my sound. But hey man, I gotta start posting songs sometime!

I'm using an old Harmony acoustic guitar that a buddy just gave me. It's falling apart, and the strings are about three feet above the fretboard. But it's great for slide guitar!

Check it out! Listen to "Breakfast or Else" on my myspace page.

Rock on!

- Josh

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