Monday, June 1, 2009

The Question of the Day!


Greetings. I hope you had a great weekend. I did. I went to Susquehanna State Park. (I cannot believe I spelled that right.)

I saw a river, some woods, some friends, and a working mill. You know, with the big ol' waterwheel and grindstone. It was COOL!

So, this leads us to the question of the day. How do you capture a mill in song? That is, not in country or bluegrass ballads about the mill.

My two awesome brothers and very cool mother are photographers. Notice "mother" is singular, not plural, although I'm not close minded when it comes to that. Ha ha!

They can capture the mill through a lens and a cmos chip. But what about me? Will I ever be able to write a hit song about how cool the mill was? Or will I be stuck in the land of progressive instrumentals or country tales?

Help a mill brotha out!

Rock on!

- Josh


terri st. cloud said...

i never feel like i can capture what i want to....tho some people say i do so in words sometimes.
when i do that, i just let it come out. ohhhh man.....i can hear stevie saying that.....
when you just let it come out....
it seems to work.
even when i don't think so, someone else does. so i have to learn to trust that....

Paul said...

Think about the how the mill made you feel, and then write with those feelings. You don't have to write a song about the mill to write about the mill

Unknown said...

Hey mr. josh urban, i recently read your blog about the mill thing, so i just thought of writin a song on a mill, but as i wrote and wrote it turns into a song about something else (though still loosely based on a mill).In fact mill is like a methopher for birth.If u read this carefully, u will understand that the song is about god telling his people that they are the ones wasting their lives, and blaming god,bad luck and everything else.

Tell me what you think about this song and if u like it send me an email at (and if you are sending a reply, keep in mind, i am just 14 and this was written in like 10 minutes)

Verse 1
Many great people die
Without a name
And mostly goodbye
is said with a heart of pain

Verse 2
As i watch this great wheel spining
I feel many lives are unfullfilling
I don't know if i am drunk or high
But what i say is not a lie

Each single turn produces new lives
And everyone is lead to a world of lies
It's not the fault of the device
You can't blame the mill of life

It's up to you to choose a path
And you urself choose number five
And if you end up with a broken heart
You can't blame someone for the rest of ur life

Verse 3
Life is all about the choices you make
It's not about the promises you break
It's up to you to choose heaven or hell
You have to choose the words you sell

Verse 4
I am still in the field
Still confused about my device
I am wihtout a shield
Gurdian of the mill of life