Monday, January 9, 2017

In Praise of Here

"THUD."  The ax bounces off the frozen tulip poplar log, sending me off to hunt for a wedge to be a little more persuasive.

  It's a cold, dark January night, and I'm running low on firewood.  "I really should have hustled and ordered those furnace parts already" I think to myself.    It snowed on Saturday, just a magical sugar powder dusting, but it's quite a contrast from the beach pictures on Facebook and Instagram.  Brine coats the cars, and the freeway is salty white here in the DC area.

  I think there's a perception among us "YUCCIES" (Young Urban Creatives as opposed to Young Urban Professionals) that if it gets cold, be it the air or your heart, you pick up and head for the tropics.  Sure, that's awesome, and if you can swing it, take me with you!  For the rest of us splitting firewood in the dark, I'd like to propose a bold new idea, without sounding like a bro country song (again, I'd love to be on a beach right now, so I ain't knocking that, dude!)  Here's the idea:  It's actually pretty cool to be chopping firewood.  It's great to be at work.  The gold can mined in the mire, not just the glamour.

  One time as the train hurtled through a New Jersey evening,  a fascinating gentleman told me that he thinks that there's a lot of joy in the grind, and a "good clean life."  This seems especially relevant at the start of a new year.   Where you are, right now, is where you can begin to build your castle (or simple hut.)  Let that cold air wash over your face, splashing the awareness of life into your startled breath.  Taste the salt that drifts through the wind of the ordinary parking lot, and smirk at the ruffled seagulls as they huff away on indigent yellow feet.  What will you build right here?


- Josh