Monday, May 2, 2016

Damn, Daniella!

"Daaaamn, Daniella!  Back at it again with the dance moves!"

  I said it mostly because I figured spoofing the viral video quote would make a good story, but in hindsight, I'd rather have her number than the blogging rights...Oh well.

  It was another Friday night, and there I was, my words betraying the mature tie around my neck.  I didn't get her number.  And man, I never even asked.  

  But, I got a great lesson out of the epic failure!  Something that's unacceptable in my book is neglecting the things we have control over.  

  There's many things we don't.  Industry trends, customer perception, stray bullets...Daniella could have been like "Haha...NO."  But - we do have control over how we present ourselves, what kind of songs we write, how much we practice, and what words we speak.

  So, I for one will make sure to ask Daniella if she'd like to get a Zoolander selfie if I ever see her again.  The answer doesn't even matter.  It's the question! Oh yeah, and I'll also work on writing the best songs I can.  That too.

- Josh