Monday, November 20, 2017

Ten Years

It was ten years ago today.

  She checked out.  It was voluntary.  Does that make it better?  Or worse?  We can debate laws about guns, lock up drunk drivers, but we can't legislate sadness.  Our hands can frantically try to prop up sandcastles in the surf, bloodied in desperation, yet there's always a wave lurking, catching us unawares.  "What..?!"  We are shocked, shocked to hear the news. 

  I didn't know her that well to begin with, yet her passing is still causing ripples in my mental pond.  It's funny how connected we all are at the end of the day. 

  I'd like to avoid melodrama, predisposed to it as I am.  I'm OK.  Are you?  That is the question of the hour. 

  And this brings me to what I'm doing.  Since I feel she was lost to the dark, it's time to fire up the beacons and bring some light to others.  And that's why, on the anniversary of her passing, that the Kindness Exchange starts again in earnest. 

  The idea is simple:  Do something nice for someone.  Then, if you wish, post it on social media with the hashtag #KindnessExchange.  I'm putting tagged posts on a lit "beacon tree" in my front yard, so we're literally lighting up the night.  Feel free to put up one of your own trees.  We'll get a forest of light going. 

  There will be updates, and a whole bunch of stuff going on at the Facebook group.  The podcast will be featuring a lot of stuff, too.  Have you heard about the World Bank idea?

  So, this is my way to do something.  Something for her memory, something to help someone else, and a way to help myself.  I invite you to join me. 

  I'm also aware that all of the action in the world shouldn't be a substitute for sitting and listening to the wind today....and remembering her. 

- Josh