Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday writings

Heya, comrades! 

  Well, it's been a totally rockin' weekend, what with the Farm Fest and Funk Fest and mega broom guitar jams!   To top it off, I was hanging out with my mom and two brothers today, and driving home, was struck with a "Sunday feeling." Maybe it'll make it into a song, maybe it won't...(wouldn't a 7 track concept album for each day of the week be nifty?) But, wanted to share some writing with you. Any song you hear is usually VERY processed and edited - here's an early draft of some "destination writing" that's nowhere close to music, but might get there someday.

"The waves exchanged
goodbyes floating through the late afternoon air
and laughter fades in my rear view mirror
The sunlight igniting a lime green blaze of the
beech leaves
I can almost feel the cycle ready to trip
like the black and white numbers through the dusty dash
on the odometer of that old car I used to try to drive around
The wheels harmonize with the wind
as my hand sculpts it
rushing past my arm
resting on the windowsill of the car
not clenching the steering wheel
that's for the deals and hustles of the Wednesdays
Timeless, ageless, yet always of a slightly worn chronology
sturdy, resting, able, yet expecting the heavy lifting to begin again soon
But quiet for now
just a few bird songs in the approaching twilight
and the questions gather like the dusk
"where will this all lead?"