Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't wanna yo yo

Hey hey HEY!

What's up, rockers?

Man, I haven't practiced in a long time. Sure, I teach all day, and I've been writing like crazy...But I haven't sat down lately and seriously practiced.

I picked it up again yesterday. I got the new Guitar Player and decided to take a look at the lessons. Geeze, I was so incredibly bored.

It seems to me that everyone is trying to enter a giant yo-yo competition. They razzle and they dazzle...and at the end of the day - it's tricks, and it's stupid....Or at least it comes off to me like that.

So I've been pondering and pondering about artistic validity, my mark on the musical world, and creating a unique voice.

Know what I've come up with? I'm throwing it all out the window, and just start talking with music. I'm gonna cook up some sounds that sound cool, and get my point across. If it's cliche, or passe, deal with it, invisible critics in my head!

I ain't workin' in Maggie's yo yo shop no more!

Rock on!

- Josh


Josh Urban said...


Jesus of Suburbia said...

Exactly right. In fact if u look at all the famous guitarist then u will see they all have some unique guitar voice/technique/tone. Like eddie van halen's tapping or Yngwie Malmsteen speedy, classical riffs or Slash's guitar solos (with double stops and stuff), or even Joe Satriani's Technical knowledge, or Angus Young's onstage energy.

And here's a thought, "History is not to be learnt but to be made" so we should not just learn about all these people and say "wow" but we should try to make something new and make other people go "wow".

plus i am a 13 year old so don't get pissed off at me if i just repeated what u said in the blog but this is just my opinion about ur post.