Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Making of an EP - 5/12 update


Cubase 5 ROCKS! And I still don't even know how to use it.

OK, here's the latest with the recording...

First off: Would you believe it, but I've got EIGHT THOUSAND plays on my myspace songs?
I'm super excited! If you wanna make my day, add the songs to your profile, and tell me that ya did.

Second off: I've got Cubase 5 installed, and am having big fun with the MIDI! I can hook up my guitar through my roland guitar synth, plug THAT into the Korg PadKontrol, and run THAT into Cubase. Man, I'm unstoppable!

Third off: The hunt for a band name continues. I've ditched an offensive one. I think I'm gonna go with Anti Poser Task Force. What do ya think? I figure I can create a small army, complete with slogans and stickers. We will rid the world of posers. Our official uniform will be pretentious turkey suits.

Fourth off: I'm very close to launching a podcast. J-Dog Radio - The Official Voice of Josh Urban. Stay tuned. Hahaha!

I am a lucky, lucky little boy, and I'm very glad to be a musician! I'm gonna try to get a new song up by next Monday, so you can start holding your breath.

Rock on!

- Josh

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