Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wisdom from a shirt

I was standing in line at Chipotle the other day to get a veggie burrito.......Yummm....And the workers all have shirts with sayings on 'em.

One saying just jumped out at me like "THAT'S IT!"

It said: "Good is in the details."

And indeed it is. I remember being able to play a lot of songs, but when I started getting good was when I got the details right.

Try it yourself. Get that tone, timing, and all those other details perfect.

That's where good is.

Rock on!
- Josh

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1 comment:

Rick said...

That's a gray post Josh and I agree. Getting the tone right or that chord without any accidentally muted strings is key. I was just learning to sing little wing and play it on the acoustic. I've played the electric version the whole time but now I want the solo artist feel. The more I played, the cleaner it got. The little detail of that hammer on and pull off before I hit the em7 is where the gold is. Such a small detail with such a huge impact.