Monday, May 4, 2009

Crazy poet

There was Crazy Horse...(Which begs the question - was there ever a horse named "Crazy Man?")

There was Crazy Eddie...

Now, there's Crazy Poet.

Yes, yes, rockers, you guessed it. ME!

WOW, to borrow from the Donald Rumsfieldian school of thought, I'm learning a lot about the unknown unknowns.

Back in the easy days when I was just a guitar player, all I had to worry about was melting faces off with mind-blowing technique.

BUT - Now I'm a solo artist. I'm learning to sing. I'm writing songs. I'm learning how to record, and the gear and acoustics that go with it. (Cubase 5 is due in by the end of the week!)

The latest? Writing lyrics.

I never gave this much thought, as the entire world is inspiration. But being good at anything is a skill, and writing lyrics is no exception.

I suggest that you start right away! Look around, and see what you see. Man, I've been running into some great material for ideas. The paper is a great place to start. I saw an obituary/article about a mom who was tragically killed in an auto accident, and she was remembered like so - she giggled when she was nervous, wanted to win when she gambled, wanted to visit Jamaica, and wanted to rent her own apartment someday. Such a life, snuffed out. And all these lives walking all around, unseen.

Huh. I haven't quite gotten it into words yet, but I will - I think it might honor this lady, and make us really think.

I was scribbling lyrics when I was in line getting a burrito today. It's fun being a crazy poet! For poet I am, now in addition to guitarist, songwriter, singer, producer, engineer, and bass player.

Oh yeah - let's not forget "Crazy."

Give that lyric writing a shot!

Rock on!


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