Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tone Zone + clinic @ Hot Licks

Hey you musicians!

Been tinkering with your amp sound lately? I have. It's a great thing to do.
As your musical voice evolves, so will your tone. And here's an important thing to remember when setting up an amp:

Be sure to have it either tilted back, or set it on a chair, so you can really hear what's coming
out of the speaker(s.) High frequencies have a tendency to "beam" out of the speaker, and if it's not pointed at you, you're not hearing the true sound of the amp. You'll be missing the boat on hearing the real voice, and since you can't hear the highs well, you might add too much treble to the mix.

This isn't a big deal for jamming around the house, but as soon as you stick a mic up to the amp's grille, either to record, or for the sound engineer to mix through the pa, it will matter.

This also brings up a great trick for sounding good, and looking stupid. The next time you're
at a gig or jam with your small combo amp, try setting it on a chair. Not only will you hear it better, but so will everyone else.

Rock on!


Mr Doyle Dykes is coming to Hot Licks Guitar Shop.

He'll be giving a Taylor Guitars sponsored clinic. I'm so excited.

The date: August 2nd, 6pm.

The location: Hot Licks Guitar Shop
3250 Old Washington Road
Waldorf, MD 20602

Don't miss it.

Tickets are five bucks, and personally, I think this is a great deal
for an in depth look at his playing.

I'll see you there!

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aurel mathews said...

Mr Doyle Dykes is on another level