Monday, February 11, 2008

Visual learning

Good morning, musicians!

Sometimes, as we journey along our musical paths, danger awaits us.
Perhaps we're learning a song, and a monster called Confusion ambushes us. For me,
this monster is always lurking around, and he's usually very white (got no groove!)
I was trying to learn a song the other day, and there he was, and sure enough, I just couldn't
find the beat!

I looked at tabs. I listened hard. To no avail. Then, I had the idea of watching it on
youtube. It helped a TON!

There's a bunch of videos of folks playing and teaching songs. Sometimes they're dead wrong.
And sometimes they'll help you make a quantum leap in your playing. It's certainly worth checking out. So next time you're stuck, try hopping on youtube and searching your song.

And while you're on there, check this out (I certainly have an odd sense of humor):

Have a great Monday!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Youtube has been a HUGE help with learning some difficult songs for me. Even seeing where on the neck they are playing, the movement of their pick hand, or just outright tutorials... I've used them all and sailed through some tough songs.