Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yet another reason to practice

Somebody get me a Doctor...named Pepper!

Whew, that's better. OK, I'm all juiced up with caffeine from the magical red can, and I've got a thought for you!

I've noticed that I can play the fastest when I think I can play fast - namely, if I know I've been doing a lot of practicing. Likewise, I feel the strongest when I've been working out a lot.


No, no, wait! Let's take the strength deal. Well, I'm a shrimp to start with, and if I've been lifting, I'm PROBABLY in no shape to kick somebody's butt in the gym parking lot. My muscles are tired, but I feel strong. So don't try to steal my keys, 'cause I'll put 'em up yo' nose, Fo'!

If I've been practicing a lot during a particular week, I know I've been working hard, so the firepower is there for the fast passages. It's more of a mental thing - I've paid my dues, so I'm good to go. Conversely, during a week where I've been tied up with non-guitar stuff, I might be able to play great, but I'll be lacking that edge that lives in the back of my mind, born of dedicated practicing.

So if you only have a small amount of time each day, practice even if you don't think it's enough. The dedication you show to the instrument will pay off physically, but also mentally. Your fingers will think they've paid their dues, and act accordingly.

Discipline is beautiful in it's austere, mega-result way.

Rock on!

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Anonymous said...

You're the best man i've learned so much from your crusade articles, thank you.