Sunday, January 18, 2009

Football chicks weird me out

Oh yes they do. Not the cheerleaders, silly. The girls who always know more about football than I do. I got to thinking about the time I was in Panera and...Wait, this is a music blog!

Sorry, I get distracted sometimes. Oh look, a chicken!'s wearing a jersey, too. Weird.

But down to business. I was boring one of my students yesterday with a neat latin jazz song called "Oye Como Va." (Santana covers it, too.) My client is a death metal guitarist. So he brings in his axe just outfitted with an EMG 85 and tuned down two steps and what do I do..."Dude, you gotta check out this groove!"

But I always think learning from different styles can only help. Sure, not an in-depth study of 'em if they're not what you're interested in, but just a skimming. One thing I was telling him was that "non-white" music is usually better at hitting the off-beats than us fellas that glow in the dark and wear hats with horns.

So, if you like playing viking metal, great! So do I! Rock on. But checkin' out some ethic grooves can really sharpen your sense of groove and time.

Check out this vid of "Oye Como Va." The changes are Am7 - D9. See if you can nail it.

Rock on! (er....groove on!)

- Josh

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