Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Help! Input needed


I need your help. I'm stumped.

I'm trying to learn to sequence drums, and frankly, it's not going so well. Here's the situation.

I've got Cubase 5 (awesome!), Superior Drummer 2.0, and the Korg padKONTROL midi controller.

I'm having trouble sequencing beats. I can play 'em live on the padKONTROL, but boy, that's a horrible off beat sound. (My fault, not the machine's.) Sequencing in Cubase is incredibly cumbersome.

I can sequence cool beats in Hydrogen, but can't import the midi file properly into Cubase. The Hydrogen sounds are fine for jamming, but just don't cut it compared to Superior Drummer.

SO - does anyone have a favorite sequencer/program? I'm looking for something cheap or free. I don't care about the sounds, I just need to be able to program a song easily to import.


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