Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why complacency will kill you

"He's gotta keep on rockin', he just can't stop. Gotta keep on rockin', that boy has got to stay on top, to be a Juke Box Hero, got staaaars in his eyes."

Hey rockers! Here's a political question for you that will pertain to guitar in a minute: How do you lose Sapphire- blue Massachusetts to a republican?

I guess you become complacent.

When I heard that Scott Brown had won the special election yesterday, I was floored. Then I was convinced that a certain campaign manager should be placed on a donkey, and shot immediately with a rifle used to hunt elephants. It would be symbolic, and only fair. Then I was comforted by the thought that the fact that they'll never, ever be hired again in that capacity.

Then I decided to add a few more years onto my life by breathing deep, chilling out, and trying not to get worked up about politics unless I'm involved in them.

And THEN I got today's lesson. To paraphrase Twisted Sister, Stay Hungry!

The students who really excel are the ones who just can't get enough of music. They're always asking questions, learning stuff on their own, jamming, starting bands, and just totally enjoying being guitar players.

And think of any artists you like - the ones that grow are the most exciting to listen to. Each album is a new palette of colors, and it's like watching a great athlete reach for the world record.

Bring it back to your creative process, be it guitar, art, sports, cooking, or drag racing. (Or whatever the heck you like!)

It would seem that the sharpened appetite precedes the lightning bolt of inspiration. By stayin' hungry, we create the thunderclouds from which inspiration can answer. Become complacent, and everything is a sunny blue day.

And stuff really doesn't happen when the weather looks like a travel brochure.

Thumb your nose at the clear blue sky, cackle when you see the thunderclouds, and next time anyone says "can't complain" when you ask how they're doing - Deck 'em. (And if you meet Martha Coakley's campaign manager, deck them, too.)

Learn the lesson from the epic failure of the Massachusetts Dems. Complacency will kill you!

Rock on!

- Josh

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