Thursday, March 18, 2010

It ain't even croutons any more

Hey folks,

Don't they use stale bread to make croutons, those delectable bread crumbs you put on salad to make you forget that you're eating something healthy? (And usually isn't, after you're done seasoning it?)

Well, I picked up my copy of guitar player the other day, and at the top, there was another article screaming "ten ways to play like _______" (Hey, I gotta keep some anonymity here, so when I finally meet _______, they won't be like "I read your blog, dude, and I hate you." Like ____ would ready my blog. But still!) Suffice to say, this person has been rockin' out the guitar for many decades, and they are rightfully considered one of the top musicians in the field.

But - guitar seems to be getting so stale, that it's not even worth putting on lettuce any more!

A new bee flew right into my bonnet and started buzzing angrily around, yelling "when are people gonna put up or shut up, and start learning to sound like themselves?"

We settle for so much in life, and I see guitarists always consigning themselves to the tribute band mentality without really giving their own sound a try. I think this is because a.) it's a lot more work to be original, and b.) it's totally scary.

I'm working on inventing an electric solo guitar project, and some days it feels like I'm inventing a whole new genre. It's scary, there's no role model, it's untested, and did I mention scary? Ironically, the main reason I'm doing this is because I've had enough of smelly musicians, and I prefer to operate on my own agenda- But that German Farmer tendency looks like it's actually gonna serve me well.

So I boldly assert - let's try to sound like ourselves! Not just musicians - artists, architects, house husbands, every one. Learn what you can from the masters, and then surpass them. Have them pay money to come see you at your shows! This need not apply to only those among us with professional aspirations, either. All you basement junkies, rock the house in your voice.

And maybe someday, there will be a Guitar Player magazine with "Ten ways to sound like ____" on it, and it'll be your name.

If that happens, will you please show me what scale you're using?

- Josh

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