Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten minutes


Wow, does life ever stop? No! And that's a good thing! I mean, people die, but to do lists never, ever vanish.

Wait, don't cry! There's hope! Life is like a gym, and always throwing challenges at us. They make us stronger, if we lift 'em.

With music, or anything for that matter, sometimes it seems impossible to get anything done. Take gardening - ever time I turn around, I need to do hours of yardwork, bro! And it's just discouraging. I'm in the middle of the CD project, bills keep showing up and....You get the picture. I was on the phone with my Mom, and the idea came up that goes like so:

Ten minutes a day hacking away at a project is a great start.

Sure, it would be great if we could practice for ten hours a day every day, but you know what? Most of us can't. So instead of putting off that practice, or that yardwork, or that financial planning, just dedicate ten minutes a day to each challenge. Whittle down those anvils hanging over your head, and watch your skill grow. Ten bucks to a savings account is way better than nothin', and the same with your practicing. As the Samurai would say, "Attack the Corners!"

And as System of a Down would say......


Rock on!

- Josh

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