Thursday, December 23, 2010

Funny how a hat...

Merry Holidays, Comrades!

Ever notice how certain things can make you feel a certain way? For me, a funky cool pair of shoes makes me quick to move around, a tie can inspire eloquence and a "deal or no deal, sucker" kinda vibe. But today, a hat has soaked into my head. And it's not just any hat...It's THIS hat:

It surely got my mind inventing all sorts of crazy stories that would probably make a great System Of A Down song.

I am Lt. Josh "Prancer" Urban, of the 1224th Squadron, Santa Wing. I flew 50 missions over Europe over several Decembers, escorting Santa past the Luftwaffe in WWII so he could leave presents for the kiddies. We all called our commander Rudy, as he was a casual fellow. Nobody quite knew what was up with his nose, but in those days, we all sure knew how to drink, so we figured that might have something to do with it. Another cat was named Bubba...His plane was shot down once, but everyone was amazed that he survived. He proudly exclaimed as he climbed out of the smoldering wreckage "Bubbas bounce!" Yes, it sure was good helping Santa in those difficult times.

Well, that's your bit of randomness for today. Happy holidays to everyone, and as my commander Rudy pointed out once, don't wait for the fog to stop ostracizing people or not telling them that they're important.

Thank you ALL for being important to me!

- Josh


Square-Peg Karen said...

Ohmyword! I love your spirit!!

You reminded me (even while I was giggling reading through the post) of how clothes really can alter my mood. I forget that (the same way I forget that music can do the same thing...really weird stuff to forget!!). I'm going to dress for joy today (once i get out of my warm robe and slippies).

Beautiful bit of wisdom here about letting people know they're important!! YOU are (don't want to miss the opportunity to tell you) an inspiration -- your rock-on style (and musical awesomeness) mixed with deep wisdom and caring - ohmy! I am ever so proud to call you my adopted nephew, Josh.

You're a wonder - wait, it IS your wonder that makes you shine (the way I see it) and your big ole heart!

Anonymous said...

*smile* That was good to read today Josh...and an awesome picture to laugh with *smile*

Peace back atcha,