Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Stevie!

Hey Comrades!

Guess what! It's Stevie Ray Vaughan's birthday today! Wow, what a cool guitarist.
Man, of all the musicians, he's probably had the most influence on me.

I've been thinking a lot about changing the world. When I was sixteen, I was sure I could if I got mad enough and worked really hard.

When I was eighteen, I trained other people how they might better the planet.

When I was twenty, I gave up.

At twenty five, as you've been reading, I'm really not quite sure which way is up. The world is melting, and I don't know where we, as a species, stand.

And now it's Stevie's birthday. This day causes me to reflect. While, in the past, I've noticed at how little one person can do, today, I see how much one person can. Fifty seven years after his birth, and twenty one after his death, he's still speaking to people through music.

So I guess what we say matters...

On a humorous note, what we type matters, too. I had a new client the other day. My lesson program offers an introductory free first lesson to new students. Well, this guy shows up with a soda as a thank you. Nobody has ever brought me a thank you first lesson gift before! (Comrades, you can still redeem yourselves, though! Haha!) Then he hands be a bag. Remember, I've never met this guy before. "What's this?" I asked. "Your favorites. I've been doing my research." There, in the bag, was a jar of green olives and a can of artichoke hearts. I think I must have jumped! Crazy stuff! Funny, AND tasty! Thanks, _____ ! I had some yummy pasta last week thanks to you!

Happy Birthday, SRV!

- Josh

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