Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bach!


First off, I'd like to wish a very happy 327th birthday to Comrade JS Bach! It brings up the question - will people be playing "Stairway to Heaven" in the year 2340? Probably not. I bet they'll be jammin' on Justin Bieber tunes, 'cause, well, you know how people are. Send 'em to Siberia!

I'm pumped! I've got not one, but two gigs this weekend, plus a radio show! I hope you can tune in! I'll be on the air from 3-5 pm EST.

If you're in the DC area on Friday, stop by the free gig up on U street. Here's the vital stats:

If you're in Richmond, VA, I'll be playing a funky little coffeehouse. This gig is also free admission: I'm playing an unplugged set, something a bit unusual for me. Hey, Three Little Pigs is Three Little Pigs, no matter what you play it on, though!

Which brings me to the next story: I was playing at a marathon this St. Patrick's day. The stage was at mile 17, and the runners were amazing - AND wearing green! I asked one girl if her green tutu helped with aerodynamics, and when I offered to yell encouragement at her, she said quite seriously that she'd hit me. I promptly backed off, and stressed that, above all else, I'd prefer not to be kicked.

Well, there I was, playing Three Little Pigs, and, at mile marker 17, mind you, a runner joins in the chorus when I yell in a falsetto "not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!" It made my day! Remember, that takes a lotta air anyways, and this dude had just run seventeen miles!

I'm off to go fix my acoustic guitar. It keeps eating strings. Popped an elixir-brand string right in the middle of playing Ain't no rest for the wicked at the Marathon. Bummer. I'll have more stories from the road soon!

Remember, tune in to this Saturday, 3/24, and stop by a show if you're in town! And happy birthday, Johann!


- Josh

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