Friday, May 11, 2012

The Video Concert

Comrades, friends, and family!

  Boy, oh boy, I'm excited to bring you my first big video concert!  I'll be playing a hometown show in White Plains, MD, this evening, starting around 7:00 pm EST.  However, many of you have the great good fortune to live somewhere other than Charles County, and therefore won't be able to make it in person.  

  Sad you'll have to miss the show? Fear not!  I'll be broadcasting the whole thing over the Internet with the help of my trusty laptop, webcam, and Google +!  

Here's two ways to watch

1.  On my YouTube channel:  Go to (Or, go to my channel, poodlemanjosh, and click the "feed" tab.)  

2.  On my Google + page:  click "Join Hangout" when you see it say "Josh is hanging out."  Note:  You'll need the (free) Google video plugin installed:  (It's the one on the left.)  

I recommend the hangout - the first 9 people to get in can interact!  And an unlimited number of people can watch.  I'll hear you clap, jeer, cheer, etc.  However, if you throw a tomato at me - that's your screen that you'll be bombing.  Ha!  

  Why only 9 people?  It's a feature of the group chat.  I didn't set it.  However, again,  an unlimited number of people can watch!

I'm very excited about how people from all over the world will be able to participate in any concert that is live on the web!  As a matter of fact, I got to call in to Andrew Apanov's presentation in Finland a few weeks ago.  Check out his post about the technology here, and see the video of the cameo!  

  Plus, note that the expression of "I'm so glad that guy's on a screen, and not in the same room with me" is universal, as displayed by some of the guys sitting in the audience.  Not to worry, good Finnish sirs!  I don't have a fighter plane...yet!  

See you comrades online soon!

- Josh

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