Sunday, June 10, 2012

Operation Northwind


  HOLY SMOKES!  3 gigs in 24 hours!  That's a fun weekend, let me tell you.  OK, so I was halfway through a lame blog saying "well, I had some water to drink", and I'm like DUDE this is LAME.  

So, here's the report of the crazy Revolutionary weekend.  Too bad for y'all - I just saw the final installation of the Bourne trilogy.  It's the same info, international action movie inspired!

Beep beep beep beep Friday, La Plata, Maryland, Panera Bakery, in the blazing sun

"Comrade Ben, how are you, sir?  How's college?"

"I'm good.  Growing the hair out, I see!"

"Yep, I guess we're swapping styles!"

Guitar strings were procured, Ben's songs were listened to and given the highly deserved praise - they rock!

Beep beep beep beep 3 Hours later, Ebenezer's Coffeehouse, Washington DC, USA, 2 blocks from Union Station  

There's me.  There's a young Adele.  There's a young Taylor Swift.  There's...there's...Florence?  Hard to say, so you should just check out the host of the showcase I played at:  She'll make you sit down and say "holy smokes!"  Actually, all of 'em would.  Their names were Orla, Camille, and Margot.  I was representing the fellas, they were representing the ladies, emotion, love, life, and giving voice to the soul.  With all due respect to myself, a laundromat was mentioned.  The evening was an honor.  It was also worldwide on Google +.  THANKS, Rob, for your guidance with the audio!  (There was a bit of an issue.)  THANKS, Kevin, so the in-person house sound was rockin'!

Beep beep beep beep 3 Hours Later, somewhere between Washington, DC, and Indian Head, Maryland, USA

They played "Radar Love" on the radio.

Beep beep beep beep Way too early, Saturday Morning, Indian Head, Maryland, USA

The alarm clock went off.

Beep beep beep beep 9:00 AM, Accokeek, MD, USA  

String cheese, a gallon of water, and a single banana were procured.  The cashier was told that I didn't rip it off the bunch.  I wasn't lying.

Beep beep beep beep  10:00 AM, I-270 North, Maryland, USA  

They played Radar Love on the radio.  Again.

Beep beep beep beep 11:00 AM, 2 hours north, outskirts of Frederick, MD, USA

A threatening photo appears on Instagram.  It shows an idyllic field and a distant city with the warning "Watch out, Frederick.  Revolution time!"

Beep beep beep beep  11:30 AM, dusty parking lot, Fairgrounds, Gate B, Frederick MD, USA

Revolution time, indeed.  Steve and Josh's old west guitar show, from the looks of the funky platform and tarp tent rig at the Great Frederick Maryland Flea market.  It was fun, the lot was overthrown, CD's were sold, hands were shaken, stories were told.  Josh's German side kicks in, worrying that the next gig fifteen miles away and two hours later might not be able to happen on account of the distance.  Steve's logical side kicks in, assuring Josh he's out to lunch.

Josh accidentally sets off car alarm.  Steve says from the stage "Josh Urban, ladies and gents!"

A photo appears on Instagram:

Speaking of lunch, Josh realizes that string cheese, a banana, and water just aren't cutting it.

Beep beep beep beep  2:30 PM, headed northwest towards Brunswick, MD, USA  

Josh's GPS refuses to shut up, perfectly emulating it's owner.  It interrupts the communication "Steve, I'm stopping to get a sub."

Beep beep beep beep 2:50 PM, Highway sign on Rt. 340 West appears for venue  

A Revolution first.

Beep beep beep beep  3:00 pm, gas station complex five miles outside of Brunswick, MD, USA 

A tweet appears from @dontjoshme:  "If I hear banjos, I'm running."

Beep beep beep beep  Ten billion hours later, after every good ol' boy has his order

"Sir, what order number are you waiting for?"


"Uhhh...I think someone took your sub."

Josh 0, Rednecks 1...or...

Estimated number of residents of surrounding areas who are vegetarian, and who like pesto along with swiss cheese:



Beep beep beep beep 3:30 pm, Beans In The Belfry, Brunswick, Maryland, USA  

"WOW!  What a cool old church turned into a coffee shop!"

Beep beep beep beep 4:00 pm - Operation Wired commences

Josh gets cup of coffee while Steve's onstage.  Pounds it, decides he needs more.  Gets half a shot of espresso.  Feels much better.  Or...FEELSMUCHBETTERHAHAHAHA!

Beep beep beep beep  5:00 pm  

A fierce jam on Stormy Monday happens, which was not part of the plan, but from now on, will be.

Beep beep beep beep  5:45 pm, load out finished, downtown Brunswick, MD, USA

"Hey man, I'm going to watch some trains.  They always get by me, but I'm gonna catch one on camera this time!"

"OK, I'll come along."

Josh and Steve head down to the tracks.

Beep beep beep beep  6:00 pm, rail yard, Brunswick, MD, USA  

(Train whistle)  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I'm gonna get it!"

"Run, Josh, run!"

Coffee does wonders for the sprints, but probably not for PR for the quiet townsfolk.  Maybe the yellow nikes had something to do with it.  But even though the cops were hovering, nobody bothered us.

Beep beep beep beep  6:30 pm, rail yard, Brunswick, MD, USA

"Wait, wait, did you hear that?"

"hear what?"


Random railfan:  "I think it's over there."

"I don't see it."

Josh runs off to other side of parking lot.

Runs back.

Runs to other side.

"Was it just a truck?"

"No, see that smoke?  It's on the other side."

Runs back.

Sees it.




Gets it.

"I'm still waiting for that train to come by on the other track.  It's been a green light for an hour!  I know it's gonna show up as soon as I leave!"

Beep beep beep beep  7:15 pm, Rail Yard, Brunswick, MD, USA  

(thinking)  "Guess I should go before that cop tells me to."

Walks up the street.

(thinking)  "WHAT WAS THAT?"

Runs back.


Walks up street.

(thinking)  "WHAT WAS THAT?"


Walks up street.

(thinking)  "WHAT WAS THAT?"

Nothing.  I hate flowmasters and loud cars.  Unless they're mine.

Beep beep beep beep  7:20 pm, sub-stealing gas station complex, middle of nowhere, outskirts of Brunswick, MD, USA

Is it always this crowded?  I'd better leave before I get hurt.

Beep beep beep beep  8:15, en route to Accokeek, MD, USA  

They played Radar Love on the radio.  AGAIN.

Mission complete.  

Thank you, Maryland!  And DC!  And Austin!  And the UK!  And PA!  And Everywhere!

- Josh 

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