Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting on the map


  Boy, oh boy!  There's a LOT to talk about!  I completed my first tour!  THAT was so much fun, and I haven't gotten tired of walking around saying "Oh, that must have been while I was on tour."

So, here's a video recap of the northern half of the excursion (Alexandria, VA, Philadelphia, PA, and New York City.)

Now, for the most recent story - How I got on the map - literally!

I've been stalking around grumpy-like today.  On my way to my teaching studio, I stopped by my mom's house to say hello and eat some food.  It's been pointed out to me recently that I'm like Kramer, always walking in and opening the fridge (usually one that doesn't belong to me.)  As I was finishing up my meal, a funny looking car drove down the street.  "HEY!  THAT'S THE GOOGLE STREET VIEW CAR!" I yelled.  Bolting out the door with a hurried goodbye, I tore off down the street to catch it.

Then - a big yellow school bus lumbers to a halt RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!  AHHHH!  And the kids - the kids.  The kids know the law  is on their side.  I think we should Mitt Romney the whole thing, and make stopping for a bus dependent on the free market.  Then we'll see how fast those little terrors decide to cross the street.

Meanwhile, the Google Street View car, and my sure shot at immortality, is driving away.

So, I did what any stressed, morose, Type A east coast resident would do.

I honked at the stopped bus.

A little girl sitting in the last seat turns around and just starts staring icily at me.  Now, no matter how stressed out a morose, Type A east coast resident is, one can't take the conventional measures in a situation like this.  I was at a loss, and she just kept staring at me.  The bus started off real slow, and was intent on repaying my courtesy.

THEN - I saw the car zoom on to a side street behind me.  BOOM!  I flipped around, and passed the car in a neighborhood.

I waved like an idiot, and held a Revolution sticker up for the cameras to see.  The driver smiled and waved back.  BOOM!  Now I'm literally on the map!  I'm so excited.

I just got to thinking, though...That little girl will continue to grow up, harboring a deep resentment of me.  I'll continue to grow old, and she'll probably end up as my nurse when I'm in an old folk's home.

Then I'll do what any old, stressed, morose, Type A east coast resident would do...and ring the call button repeatedly.

- Josh  

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