Sunday, December 30, 2012

Overthrow 2013 - A battle plan for the resolution-weary


  Are you ready for 2013?  Have you made your resolutions?  Well?  Well?

OK, I hear all the hipsters, cool kids, and well, just about everyone yelling back at me "I HATE RESOLUTIONS!"

  I used to be rather cool on the subject myself, but check it:

The new year is a fun time to set new goals, and cast an eye over the map of life to make sure your ship is sailing along nicely.  Instead of thinking of resolutions as negative (I'll work out so I'm not a shrimp), or even disciplinarian (I'll practice twenty eight hours a day), try to use them as inspiration - and make lots of them.  Last year, I think I made upwards of fifty.  Craziness!  I looked at that list recently, and while many went neglected, there were some triumphs:  Completing a tour (HELLO #JURT!), and learning to rap.  "HO HO SANTA STYLE."  (Yes, yes, I'll tell the story soon about how I rewrote "Gangnam Style" to "Santa Style", sang the song and danced the dance, while dressed in a Santa suit for the local elementary school.)

"'Cause I'm Santa Claus, oh yes I rock this suit of red, 'cause I'm Santa Claus, I know how to fly a sled..."

Instead of resolutions as pressure, think of them as a mini-bucket list.

I'm very excited about 2013, and I'll get up in your face to make the radical statement that YOU SHOULD BE, TOO!

Here's a bit of a template to help you get started on your own set of 2013 resolutions. Feel free to modify, of course - but whatever you do, write them down.  They're written for guitar players, but are easily adapted to other fields.

General Josh's New Year's Resolutions for a soldier of the Revolution  

In 2013, I want to learn to play ______ song by _____.

In 2013, I want to meet _______ .

In 2013, I want to write and record a song about _______.

(you get the time frame we're working with here)  I want that said song to have _____ many plays on Soundcloud/Youtube.

I will improve ____ skill on guitar.

I want to play in the town of ________.

I plan on creating accounts on these social media sites _______ and getting _____ new connections.

I want to learn more about the style of _____ music.  (Example:  Latin.  It's what Jack Black teaches.)

I will learn to sing!  (Learn, comrade, learn!)

I will write, record, play a song, or otherwise collaborate with ______.

Fitness is good!  I plan on being able to do ____ push ups in a row by next December 31st, and ____ pull ups, to fit my rockstar image!

I want to have a tweet retweeted by: ________.

A big musical goal (tour, EP, first gig) I'd like to accomplish in 2013 is:  _______ .

I want to have ___ Facebook fans, ____ Twitter followers, and ____ YouTube subscribers by next December 31st.

Why limit inspiration to music?  An art museum, park, city, or industrial wasteland I want to visit in 2013 is ______.

I want to learn how to ______.

I want to read the book ______.

The non-optional silly resolutions of the State

- Learn a magic trick.
- Try green olives.
- Watch a train (but stay away from the tracks, especially if your name is Anna.)
- Learn something about nature.
- Listen to all 6 of J.S. Bach's Brandenberg Concertos.
- Wear a silly hat at least once, and when someone balks, exclaim in a booming voice "Are you not entertained?"  

Now - go get ready for a superb 2013.  And write your plans down!

As a matter of fact, feel free to post them in the comments as a way to share, connect, encourage, and state to the masses that you are ready to overthrow the  new year.

Speaking of years - thanks for a stupendous 2012.  Here's a bit about how cool my year was, and some thanks to you comrades:


- Josh  

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