Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Hypebot Interview


  I hope your week is rockin' right along!  WOW, it's been off to a crazy good start over here.  I had a super fun trip to Richmond on Saturday (got some Thelonious Monk AND Tommy Tutone on vinyl, DJ'd a Classic Radio Hour at the VA home, and then hosted an FM broadcast across town), and yesterday...the Hypebot interview about the Kindness Exchange went online.  WOOO!

  Mr. Clyde Smith is a very kind man, speaking of kindness, and we talked for almost an hour last week...well, OK, I talked for almost an hour last week.  He's a very good listener, and an excellent writer.  Here's what he composed:


Thanks, Clyde!  The Revolution salutes you!

- Josh 

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