Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trip to the Art Museum

So! I went to the art museum...In downtown DC.

And so did everyone else in the free world. Man, there were a lotta people there.
Of course, I can't go anywhere and just look at something. As you all know, I'm always trying to relate things to music. Here's a few things I learned while around some top notch works by dead people.

1. If you ever meet Jesus, don't tell any dumb blond jokes around him. You might insult him (at least according to most of the paintings of him.)

2. You never, EVER want to go back in a time machine.

3. I feel better about my bad hair days...Seems like they had a lot of 'em back then.

4. All disciplines have their own version of theory. We musicians learn about it, and painters use their own rules as well. If you get a chance, visit one of these places with an artist, or someone who knows about art. You might get some cool ideas for music. It's neat to visit a "cousin" of music theory....Art theory!

5. George Washington needed some hair gel.

6. Revolutions are good. Not exactly the war thing, but in art, and in music. I saw paintings from old stodgy people, to abstract splashes of color. If everyone had fit their vision to what the guy before him had done, we'd still have paintings of....George washington (but with no hair gel!)

The same goes for music. If we were bound by the rules of classical music theory, there wouldn't be blues, and there certainly wouldn't be Ozzy.

So keep that in mind, especially when you write a song, or invent something new on the guitar. If it sounds good to you, IT IS GOOD.

It doesn't matter what anyone else says.

Learn from everyone, and especially look up to the best in the field: Stevie Ray Vaughan for blues, Eddie Van Halen for rock, Monet for painting stuff, Andy Warhol for when you need to be reminded what a soup can looks like.....but not Van Gogh for ear training! GAAAA!

If you get a chance, look to everything for inspiration: In nature, in graffiti, in the east wing of the National Gallery of Art. It's all there, and most of it is free. So wake up, put that video game down, and start paying attention!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Josh! This is good. Love your enthusiasm, curiosity, and attentiveness. Keep creating!

Anonymous said...

wat up josh? just hanging out. nice website, ROCK ON!

Anonymous said...

what up josh? nice website. ROCK ON!-kyle-