Saturday, November 3, 2007

Jesus' Copy of the Bible

Holy smoke!

Van Halen burned down DC this past Thursday!

I was born in '85. This means I missed the boat, as far as the heyday of the mullets and charvels is concerned.

So when a tour with David Lee Roth was announced, I was enthused, to say the least.
Nosebleed seats were to be had for a hundred bucks three minutes after tickets went on sale. But I got mine, and boy, I'm glad I did.

If you haven't been to an arena show, you really owe it to yourself to go. And in some ways, it's almost cooler to be way "back in da' back," as my go go buddies would say. To jump into better seats, I could have easily committed suicide, or at least knocked any remaining sense from my head. But thank goodness for binoculars and jumbotrons.

The boys, who really ain't boys anymore, rocked the house. Eddie had a wall of his signature amps delivering that toneful roar he's famed for. Dave was the most extroverted extrovert I've ever seen. Alex, looking like a tired turtle, did his thing and did it well. Wolfgang, Eddie's son, held it down and showed typical 15 year old alertness in front of a sold out arena. (I'm not sure if he realized that fifty thousand people were watching him or not....Hard to tell, he's on "planet 15." But the dude did great.)

In short, they rocked!

One of the most memorable parts for me was, when scanning the set before the band came on, I spied Eddie's guitars through my binoculars...They were tucked away, stage left. I was awestruck. It was like....Seeing Jesus' Copy of the Bible!

And boy, what an inspiration they were to me. I was so amazed, I forgot to clap sometimes.

It leads me to a thought - Man, that is what I want to do. And I think it's what a lot of us want to do.

We're all terrified to say it out loud. What if we fail? And we're surely crazy to even hope to play arenas, right? Better get a nice safe job in a cover band, or with the government.

But if we never ask for what we truly want, how will we ever hope to achieve our loftiest aspirations?

And are we crazy to ask? Well, Dave proved to the mob watching him on Thursday - You have to be crazy to pull it off.

Better start now! Be crazy, and ask for what you want.

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MeowGoddess said...

Dear WSM Josh,

Ask, believe and keep on shining your light and sharing your knowledge and you will receive.

Thanks for being a LOVECAT!!!

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana