Monday, January 14, 2008

Lessons available

Hey all you Maryland, DC, and Virginia readers!

I'm adding a few hours to my teaching schedule. I'm booking lessons on Saturdays now, and I'm available earlier in the afternoons from Monday through Thursday. If you're looking for lessons, come on by! The first lesson is free, so you can try 'em out without any cash down. (I sound like a car dealership...)

And now, for the small bit of information...

With the advent of electronic tuners, many of us are falling behind on the skill of tuning by ear.

(Of course, I've seen some cats tune by ear through a blaring marshall stack - and they don't even get in perfect tune. If you're on stage, I'm an advocate of silent tuning.)

It's a simple enough thing to practice, and like most simple things, can provide a great challenge for your ear. When you sit down to practice today, try tuning by ear. You can always verify it with an electronic tuner, but try your ear at first. It's a skill you'll be glad you've earned.

Rock on!

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