Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yo! Blog News! Yo!

Good morning, world!

It's hard to believe it's my littlest brother's 16th birthday today. I remember when he was a small, warm, wet bundle that didn't say much. He still doesn't say much, but he's almost taller than me. Time sure flies!

And now, for the super duper exciting BLOG NEWS.

I'm now proud to host Musician's Friend banner ads on The Doghouse.
This is pretty darn cool, to say the least. A.) They look cool. B.)Musician's Friend always has great prices, and I buy a substantial amount of gear from them.
C.) If you click on the links on my site, and buy something from 'em, I get a bit of a reward for sending you their way. It's no extra cost to you, and it
helps keep the internet free. If you like my articles, or get a laugh out of my blogs, this is a great way to ensure their continuity.

Speaking of that, I was just thinking the other day how important it is to support each other. Everyone's got something to offer, and the internet is such a great venue for knowledge in general, and music knowledge in particular. I sincerely enjoy blogging, writing, and teaching. Folks across the world write and ask questions about my articles, and I'm always glad to help 'em out. (If I haven't written you back, the inbox monster has eaten your email. Try resending it.) By having advertising on my site, it lets me keep on giving you guys what you come here to find - quality information, and clear thinking. OK, maybe you don't come here to find that. But regardless...Now I can keep on providing info, and eat. It's a good thing to be able to do - eat, that is! It's hard to teach theory when your stomach is grumblin'.

Check out the links! You'll find some great stuff at even better prices. You'll be helping yourself, and the internet. Keep it free!

Local yokels - Don't forget I'm having The Super Duper Guitar Club this SATURDAY, February 2nd, at 3:15 pm. It's at my studio, and it's free. Come on by, and bring a buddy. It's gonna be fun.

Rock on, rockers, and I will see ya next time. Hey, did you see that banner ad? Boy it looks professional. (I'm such a little kid sometimes!)


Anonymous said...

I should email my pal about this.

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