Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Hocus of Focus

"Concentration is the secret of strength."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


What a long gig last night. Sweaty, Tiring, and Embarrassing would be three adjectives I'd use to describe it. Hey, mind numbing might also fit in there.

Why the heck was it so bad? For my part, it was because I lost my concentration. Concentration equals consistency, and creates the canvas for high achievement.

What creates concentration? Paying attention, focus, and dedication. Sometimes it's hard to do so. The venue could be empty. The audience could be hostile, or worse, inattentive. (So common on club gigs!) I think a lot of it boils down to caring. Sometimes it's hard. But you've got to care. Heart sounds good.

Play with heart. Focus. And rock on.

Yo! By the way! I'm now on Facebook, and I'm loving it! Add me as a friend! The name's Josh Urban. (But you already knew that.)

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