Sunday, May 4, 2008

More great tone

Wow, what a beautiful Sunday!

I was lucky enough to spend it in and around the Appalachian mountains. What a special place. Those mountains are very old, and have a certain gentle and wise magic about them. Add to the fact that I went with my folks, it was a super day, indeed.

Man, streams have great tone. Have you ever noticed the different types? There's the tinkling mountain brook (probably my favorite.) The lowland stream that sounds like a very musical toilet flushing. The placid flow of a large, warm creek. The harsh, fierce, pure roar of the shallow, rocky torrent.

And none of these sound forced. They're all just right, and very comfortable with the tone they're giving to the surrounding environment. Not rushed, but sometimes fast. Not sluggish, but other times slow. But never, ever forced.

How about your tone?

Man, sometimes a walk in the woods is good for you.

"Climb the Mountains, and get their good tidings."
- John Muir

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Good Stuff!