Monday, July 28, 2008

I had a virus...

So I was in the back today, making a microwave cheddar cheese sandwich. Mmmm...

Extracting the unwilling bread from it's plastic cocoon, I was wrestling with...a twistie tie. Now, I realized with a shock - that I had been extracting bread for twenty years by fiddling with that funky plastic piece.

The first shock was the fact that the friendly funky plastic piece went missing. The second was - I can now say I remember something being around for twenty years. I'm gettin' old! (I'm twenty two.)

I shook my head knowingly, guessing that the lousy American economy was the source of Mr. Funky Plastic Piece's tragic demise - being replaced with twerpy tie.

Man, everyone's talking about the economy, and moanin' an' groanin' about it. Stocks slide, small companies go out as much as big corporations, and we're finally paying a financial price for the cause of so much blood and oil. (High gas prices, folks.)

The biggest blow that the hard times are delivering? A mega excuse! (Reminds me of this)

"Who is responsible for interest rates?
The prime minister if they're low, and the bogeyman if they're high."

Yep, I think the economy is like the bogeyman. While life is usually a challenge, now we've got an excuse. Didn't get that weekly gig because the restaurant is cuttin' back? Bad economy. Yep. So find another gig. Here's the point: These are meaner, leaner times. It's gonna be hard to be a musician. It's gonna be hard to be anyone.

But if it was easy, everyone would do it!

So next time you moan about the economy, gas prices, or the difficulty of the music industry, do this:

Play fifty arpeggios, while saying "I am a girly man."

Don't be a girly man. Just get out there, and kick some asphalt.

Hit da' ground runnin', bro!

Rock on!

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