Monday, October 6, 2008

School of Rock

*Mumble Mumble* It's Monday Morning!

Whew...The weekends are more tiring than the week sometimes!

But I got to do something cool this weekend. One of my clients asked me to join him and his buddies' band for his school talent show. I'll be playing one show with 'em, and it's gonna rock!

I went to the first rehearsal on Friday, and it was a lotta fun. I sort of snapped into my Jack Black School of Rock mode, and got into explaining the finer points of incinerating a stage. I had a blast!

It really made me realize how important it is for folks to jam with other musicians. It's very different than sitting in your practice room, and it can really help solidify one's skills. Grab a few buddies, and have a jam session - even if it's just another guitar player. It's fun, it's a team, and it's a super thing you can do to improve your skills.

I'll keep y'all posted on how the show goes. I can't wait!

Rock on!

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