Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where are the girl heroes?

Hey hey hey!

OK, loyal readers from around the world (all two of you....) I need some help! I'm working on a snazzy blog post, but I need the names of some of your favorite female musicians. (No, Poison doesn't count!)

Feel free to email 'em to me, or leave names in the comments section.

Thanks for your help!

- Josh


Gheff said...

oh, sure thing!

hmm.. maybe amy lee...
or shania twain...
or michelle branch...
or sheryl crow...
or sheila majid...

Anonymous said...

doro pesch (singer not musician)
lita ford - runaways and lita ford
joan jett - runaway and joan jett and the blackhearts
anyone from the band vixen
alannah myles
amy lee from evanescence
the band rock goddess
bonnie rait

theres lots of great girly guitarists on the tube n'all. but to be honest, none of them are heroes because no-ones ever heard of them