Tuesday, September 1, 2009

5 Years!


It's been a little crazy over here, hence my silence. I just got back from NYC, and boy oh boy, I've got some catchin' up to do!

First off!

Today, besides being the start of World War II, marks the Five-Year Anniversary of being a guitar teacher. Whew, time sure flies! I just ran some rough calculations on my iPhone, and according to those complex equations I've run, I've taught over 7,000 lessons. That's a lotta rock 'n roll! Thanks to everyone who's taken lessons over the years! It's been fun. I really appreciate it, and I've learned so much. Here's to the next 7,000 lessons!

Second off!

Tickets for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra go on sale TOMORROW, September 2nd. You don't want to miss these guys 'n gals. Buy some tickets!

Third off! Two wonderful musicians I have the privledge of knowing are going to be putting on a fablous outdoor concert. Be there! Here's the info:

Saturday, 9/12/09, 8 PM
Ferguson Amphitheater, Hard Bargain Farm, Accokeek, MD.
Adults--$12; Members/Students--$10; Kids under twelve--$5

Grace Griffith, multi-Wammie Award winner, and singer/songwriter Lynn
Hollyfield share the stage for an evening of beautiful music. Grace is a critically acclaimed
interpreter of songs and long a favorite of DC area folk and celtic music fans. She has 3 solo albums and two CDs with her former trio "Connemara" on the Blix Street Records label,

and recently was featured on Jennifer Cutting's "Ocean" recording project.
Lynn Hollyfield's original songs have well-crafted melodies, stand-alone lyrics and striking emotional depth. In addition to being a gifted singer and songwriter,
Lynn is also quite accomplished on guitar. She has two CD's with her duo "Hollyfield & Spruill"
and is currently finishing up work on her first solo recording.
This will be an evening of sparkling settings of contemporary songs and traditional ballads. Together, Grace and Lynn promise an evening of vocal delights with polished harmonies, rhythm and fun. The pair will be joined by Jimmy Brink, percussionist.

http://www.seamaid.org/ and http://www.lynnhollyfield.com/

These ladies are great! I was helping out with the sound system while they were playing one time, and their version of Summertime was so good, I forgot to mix! I just listened. Playing a mix of celtic-tinged folk, they're an interesting contrast to the high voltage music I usually listen to. (I've got System of a Down playing right now....."Pushing little children, with their fully automatics!")

And the venue is really cool, too. It really is a concert in the woods. Check it out!

Forth off:

I've got some new random weird videos: My interviews of things that can't talk back.

Rock on!

- Josh


Anonymous said...

well well well..here I am trying out my empty tuna can and long stringed speak-a-phone and look who pops up in the etch-a-sketch monitor but little josh urban..small world..but I wouldn`t want to paint it..say hey to your ma !

Josh Urban said...

Yo Crusty! Good to hear from ya! How's everything?

Happy SRV's birthday to you!