Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sell it!

Hey Comrades!

You know what I love about my business? I get to be totally me. I'm rewarded for my epic failure in matching clothes, and often strange haircuts. People come by to see the show that is Josh. I started wearing ties one day, and my students really had a problem with it. "Why are you wearing a suit, man? You're turning into a real teacher." "These are just khaki pants, man!"

"No, it's a suit!"

We all have quirks of our personality. I think artists are especially blessed, because in order to be truly successful, we need to be purely unique.

I bet, no matter what our field, we could apply this concept to distinguishing ourselves. Well, maybe distinguished isn't the right word for me to use today. I have orange-ish hair that's all frizzed out, plaid shorts that match, an Annoying Orange shirt with Grapefruit on it saying "Wanna watch me flex?" and forget a five-o-clock shadow - it's more like a nine o clock shadow! I've had too much mountain dew, and let me tell you, my students are getting good lessons today!

Maybe we can cut through the clutter by running with the quirks, instead of trying to forget them. Be it a unique guitar tone, a neat way to use pinched harmonics, a special pair of shoes you like, or a tendency to tell elephant jokes - see how the traits can boost you to new levels!

See if you can bottle up your personality, and sell it, instead of casting it into the ocean for some kid to find on a beach one day, open it up, and say, "wow, what a weirdo!"

Rock on!

- Josh
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