Friday, December 30, 2011

The year

'Sup, Comrades?

Well, it seems like every pundit and person who really shouldn't take themselves seriously (but do anyway) is recapping 2011.

Since I'm the Commander General of the Revolutionary Forces in the war to Overthrow Bad Music, I guess I should really write about the year as well.

Radio Radio

Besides being introduced to the music of this French Canadian rap group (and finally appreciating it), 2011 was the year of the Radio! The Revolution received airplay on stations in Towson, MD, College Park, MD, and Richmond, VA! Rockin'! Thanks, Sean, Whitney, and Zac!
In addition, I got a gig as an occasional DJ at WDCE! The Richmond music scene is pretty darn cool, and I'm looking forward to getting to know more of the people, and having my southern Comrade Sheldon Y. back on the air! My brotha-from-anotha-motha Corey co-hosted a show with me, and that was a blast. Man, the train trip and visits to the snack car was too much fun!

You know how I'm always talking about leading armies? Well, they put me in charge of a platoon of sophomores at this youth leadership conference called HOBY. We were team 16, and Abe Lincoln was the theme. Our motto..."There IS an I in team Lincoln." Besides being inspirational, informative, and a heck of a lotta fun, it showed me that I could function (sort of) on four hours of sleep. To this day, I'll say "looks like it's gonna be a HOBY day!"

Also, in regards to waking up. You know that phrase "fake it till you make it?" Well, if you're a little groggy, there is no better way to regain consciousness then to scream at sleepy teenagers standing around at 7 am in the courtyard. "HEY COMRADE! ARE YOU AWAKE? WELL? ARE YOU? ARE YOU READY TO GO PULL WEEDS AT THE LOCAL PARK? WELL? ARE YOU? ARE YOU? LOOK ALIVE, SOLDIER!" Wakes ya right up, let me tell you. It really is better to give than receive.

Plus, I met some top notch soldiers of the Revolution there, and made lots of fun new friends!

The Revolution Grows
Man, 2011 is really the year that the Revolution got started! It's been totally rockin' to have y'all involved in the fight! Man, the gigs, videos, new music buddies, shows, promotion, laughing, overcoming car trouble, networking, and plotting...It was splendid! I've got some cool revolutionary ideas (no, really, they're revolutionary) for 2012, so stay tuned! And THANK YOU, COMRADES!

Most ironic moment: Hearing Rebecca Black's "Friday" for the first time...ON THE RADIO...when, during my interview, the DJ asks me what music I'm trying to overthrow. When I was unable to give a good response, she played it. It was like bringing a gun to a peace rally. Hilarious, though!

New Tourmobile!

OK, so who really wants to hear that I got a new vehicle? The Red Menace (Camaro) is still on the roster of course, but I added a small SUV to the fleet...I got a black Ford Escape. It was close, comrades...I almost got a minivan. Even my 8 year old students were heckling me about it. Thankfully, I caved to the peer pressure, and got something (slightly) cooler. Next up. Putting a red stripe on it like BA's van in The A Team! AND a CB radio!

Breaker Breaker!

Skype Lessons!

Teaching went electronic this year! If you've got a webcam, now you too can have guitar lessons! And if it snows, you still can have 'em! You know what this means, right? The business can go worldwiiiiiiide!

Fun Gigs
Man, there's nothing like playing live music. Sometimes I get stage fright, though. Wanna know a cool trick? Lie with your feet. Stand there like you own the stage. Again, fake it till you make it, and get a confident pose onstage. Jack Black was absolutely right in School of Rock. Stand in the Rock Stance! Raise your goblet of rock, and bang your head!

I had the honor and privilege to try this out around town this year, and man, it works! Something else I realized while onstage: Audience members are giving me part of their lives by stopping to listen. I really respect that, and I'll do my best never to forget it!

Funniest moment: Singing "3 Little Pigs" and having the next band join in spontaneously with the background vocals. "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!"

Did I mention that I have the best brothers ever? Well, I do, and they built me an app. It's called weComrade, and it's free. Of course. Get it, comrades!

What's next
I took a long walk today, sat in a lonely graveyard, pondered what mattered, visited the river, and wrote in a notebook. I've got some cool ideas. While it may say 0000001 and "General" on my dog tag, I really want this Revolution to be all-inclusive. The gravestones have a peculiar way of screening your ideas to see what matters and what doesn't. So, while the ideas are still in the development phase, keep an ear out. I'll be in touch. If you have any ideas, too, please feel free to share! I'd love to hear 'em!

Boy oh boy, do I love the New Year. I didn't used to make resolutions. To be fair, I was five before I even found out that the years change. "You mean, it's not gonna be 1990 next year?" I remember feeling said for 1990. I've asked a lot of people over the years about their resolutions, and have received some interesting answers. From "Oh, I don't have any bad habits" to my 54 item list, the responses have been varied. I think it's a great time to wipe the slate clean, take stock of one's life, and say "what's next?" I'm off in a few hours to start the plotting and planning with my brothers, only to be continued tomorrow with the rest of my family.

Got any cool ideas for 2012? Care to share?

Comrades, THANK YOU for a truly rockin' 2011. I couldn't have done it without you, and I so appreciate each and every one of you. May 2012 be even rockin'er, and give us a reason to laugh at those Mayans. I'd like to end with a quote that the Annoying Orange might say, and hopefully, we can all say next year:

Hey Mayans! Mayans! Mayans! Hey! Hey Mayans Hey!


Happy New Year!

- Josh


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