Friday, January 6, 2012

Big Announcement

Comrades! Happy New Year!

I hope your brave new year is off to a rockin' good start. Mine sure is!

I've been walking to visit the river lots. Visiting my wise friend is a cool way to facilitate some serious thinking. I've been writing in two little notebooks a lot during my daily hikes. It's hard when it's cold outside. If you think my writing is bad normally, well...

The river is ever changing. Each day it's a different color, and a different personality. I wonder if George Washington watched the river, too, for his house is a few miles upstream on the opposite shore.

Through these walks, talks with my innermost comrade circle (that would be my family), and plotting and pondering, I've come up with a cool idea and brave new plan for the new year.

I'll be announcing it on my radio show this Saturday, January 7th, just after 3:00 pm EST.

Listen in at ! I hope to see you there! For those of you on Facebook, here's a link to the online listening party

WOOOOO Can't wait to tell y'all what's new! It directly involves you, so don't miss it!

- Josh

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