Wednesday, January 18, 2012



All across the internet, websites are going dark today to protest the disastrous legislation currently awaiting a vote in Congress.

Here's info on the proposed SOPA and PIPA bills that, if passed, could effectively censor the internet.

Now, while Wikipedia's silence is a real stop-and-think moment, mine would simply be an "oh thank goodness he's gone away for a minute" train of thought.

SO, in order to raise awareness, and "encourage" you to call your representatives (find 'em here:, I will not stop talking. If I did, it would be a reward. Instead, I will start talking about celebrity gossip until you call Washington.

(If you've seen the new Muppet movie, you can quote Jack Black when he's listening to Fozzie's comedy routine: "Oh God, make it stop!")

WOW! Did you HEAR that Taylor Swift said she was awkward in middle school and high school?
Maybe 'cause she is like ten feet tall? The Annoying Orange would say "Hey! Hey! Hey Giraffe! Hey Giraffe Hey! Wowwwww! You're the most beautiful Giraffe I've ever seeeeeeeeen!"

The Kardashian empire seems to be falling. Thank goodness. Now, instead of getting paid mega-bucks to go to parties, maybe Kim will go out with me. Judging by the duration of her marriage, proportionately the date would probably be as long as it took to say"hello, goodbye." Let's just hope that dinner won't be ordered in the meantime. Something tells me she has expensive taste.

Have you called Washington yet???


OK, well, then...

Brad Pitt got snubbed at the latest round of awards, whatever they're called. Ricky what's his face (last name starts with a G) was obnoxious. Shocker. But Brad really should have won something, judging by how sharp his sideburns were in the movie "Moneyball", which, actually, was pretty darn cool. I guess that's cause Aaron Sorkin helped with it!

Remember, comrades, make the call, tell 'em NO to SOPA and NO to PIPA.

AND...Send Prince Harry an email and tell him NO to Pippa. She's trouble, trust me, dude.

- Josh

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