Wednesday, January 19, 2022


 Howdy, folks!

  I am moving.  In several ways.  My DC area house closes today, and I have set sail for saner environs.  It's become madness there.  And then, let's try a new blogging home!  Come on over to, and of course,  

  I've been on this platform for over a decade.  It's hard to believe, and it sure has been nice with you all. But now Google has gone "round the bend" with their censorship and restriction of information.  I don't say anything that would run afoul of them (yet), but that's a game I refuse to play.  

  As such, it's time to set up shop elsewhere!  Come on by, it'll be fun!  I just posted the first thing on Substack - a walk under the full Wolf moon.  

  Thank you all for the great years, and sincerely hoping we can continue the fun together.  Hope to see you over there!  

Over 'n out,

- Josh

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