Wednesday, December 14, 2022

A Sub(stack)tle Reminder

Season's greetings, y'all!

  Anyone still over here?  A quick update:  I'm a real "Rustburger" now, as we say 'round here.  (Beats Baltimoron.)  I said hello to one of the neighborhood horses while checking the mail this afternoon.  

  The Glenn Miller Orchestra just played up the street, the stars shine brightly here in the country, there's a vintage telescope an hour away that's about thirty feet long, and I've got two pairs of overalls.  

  Country life is good - and the new home for the blog is even more fun.  If you haven't been over yet, come join in the festivities over at  (It's free, of course.)  There's generally three blogs a week:  A story on Monday (Dr. Electro is at it again), an essay on Wednesday, and a space/earth theme on Friday.  

  This site is up for now, but that's not a guarantee.   Hope to see ya at the new place!  There's many adventures to have together.  

- Josh  


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